MergeLinear LED Systems

ELEMENT Merge represents the marriage of a general illumination linear LED system to a low-voltage track lighting system. Whether being used to highlight architectural elements or deliver well-controlled general illumination, ELEMENT Merge creates recessed, suspended, or flush mount lines of uniform, glare-free LED light while offering stunning design flexibility.

Recessed Linear Channel Application
Suspended Linear Channel Application
Flush Mount Linear Channel Application
Recessed Linear Track Application

Linear Channel Design

  • Glare-free, continuous 3-inch wide channel of indirect LED illumination
  • 4ft, 6ft and 8ft gangable linear lengths with “L” and wall-to-ceiling connectors (recessed only)
  • Available in recessed, suspended, or flush mount channel options
  • Static white (with multiple CRI and color temperature options), programmable white
  • Beveled aperture integrates seamlessly with architecture for sleek ceiling to fixture transition
  • Available flanged, flangeless in drywall, or lay-in (T-Grid) installation, suspended or flush mount
  • Recessed optimized for use in 2"x 6" construction

Merge can make 90° turns in the same
plane or transitions from wall-to-ceiling
for enhanced visual interest

Same-Plane Transition

Wall-To-Ceiling Transition (Recessed only)

Color Options Graphic
  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 3500K
  • Several CCT / color options available
    to meet every design need:

  • Static White (2700K, 3000K, 3500K)
  • Programmable White (2700K-4000K)
Channel Diagram
Up-firing linear LEDs
Ceiling plane
Integrated bevel for
a clean transition
Open Aperture (no diffuser)
Cove channel with reflector
Plaster plates for flangeless appearance

Spot Head & Pendant Design

  • Two dedicated Merge spot head options: Gimbal and Drop-down
  • FreeJack connector allows for any Tech Lighting 12v low-voltage head or pendant
  • Merge Spots have multiple CRI, color temperature, and beam spread options
  • Twist-and-lock design allows LED adjustable spot heads to be placed anywhere along the low-voltage bus channel
Merge Gimbal Spot Head
Gimbal Spot Head by MERGE™
Merge Drop-Down Spot Head
Drop-Down Spot Head by MERGE™
Tech Lighting ISO Spot Head
ISO Low-Voltage Spot Head with FreeJack Connector
(over 25 spot head options), visit Tech Lighting for complete offering
Drop-Down Spot Head and ISO Pendant from Tech Lighting
Low-Voltage Pendant with FreeJack Connector (over 80 pendant options), visit for complete offering
Spot Head by MERGE™
Track Diagram
Cove channel with reflector
Ceiling plane
Low-voltage bus bar to accommodate
twist and lock spot head
Plaster plates for flangeless appearance

Utilizing the patent-pending concealed low-voltage bus system enables users to: use Merge integrated spot heads or the Merge FreeJack connector and any Tech Lighting low-voltage head or pendant.

International Association of Lighting Designers ISO - International Organization for Standards Energy Star Rated