Above the ceiling matters

With all of our recessed products, we take great care to ensure the highest quality housing componets and assembly methods are employed so you can rest assured that all the things you can't see- aiming mechanisms, heat sinks, ddrivers and wiring systesm- deliver exeptional performance and safety.

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  • New Construction

    (IC / Non-IC / Chicago Plenum)

  • New Construction

    (Non-IC / Chicago Plenum)

  • Remodel


At the ceiling matters

A highly engineered recessed lighting system deserves a premium ceiling appearance. Every ELEMENT trim is made of either die-cast aluminum or a single sheet of cold rollded steel for superior durability without sagging or wwarping. Trims are then powder coated for a superior finish and reduced glare. Further, die-cast or steel mesh mud plates help create a smooth, flangeless " plastered-in" appearance between trim and ceiling: No seams, No flexing. No cracks.

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  • Cold Rolled Steel Trims

    (Multiples / BYOM only)

  • Die-Cast Aluminum Trims

  • Die-Cast Metal Mud Plate.

Below the ceiling matters

Beautiful aesthetics and precision engeering cannot come at the expense of light performance. Every ELEMENT fixture delivers pristine, consistent light. Our engineers stay at the cutting edge of technology to deliver illumination with greater light output, longer life, liss energy consumption, and a wide selsction of LED and control options.

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  • Adjustable

  • Fixed

  • Wall Wash

International Association of Lighting Designers ISO - International Organization for Standards Energy Star Rated