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Built on the foundation of an easily configurable and expandable modular grid frame system, Build-Your-Own Multiples (BYOM) allow the creation of totally unique, never-before-achievable LED lighting arrays to fulfill both challenging space needs and a designer’s vision. Build-Your-Own Multiples (BYOM) offers three interchangeable LED light modules: general illumination, wall wash, and adjustable spot.

The BYOM grid frame system is highly configurable and expandable offering 21 grid frames of varying sizes that can be combined to create larger grids. The uniquely modular BYOM system allows designers incredible design flexibility. From simple “L” shapes to “steps” or more complicated “X” arrays, BYOM LED light modules are placed into the recessed grid structure to create the desired lighting configuration and effect. To finish the look, metal plaster plates and frame blanks allow the entire system to be mudded in for a completely seamless appearance. Below the ceiling, optional flangeless trims made of cold rolled steel for excellent durability are available in white, black, or satin nickel finishes, as well as square or round aperture configurations to accommodate virtually any aesthetic. The trimless (Open) option boasts an especially attractive, sleek look below the ceiling without use of additional trims.

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2-Light Zig Zag

7-Light Zig Zag

Square Pattern

X Pattern


Every ELEMENT Multiple trim is made of cold rolled steel. No seams. No warping. No sagging.









Extruded and precision welded aluminum plaster plates are available to accommodate all configurations and allow the entire BYOM system to be mudded-in for a completely seamless appearance regardless of the complexity of the pattern you create.

BYOM frame (as required for light array design) is mounted into ceiling joists. 2x2 frame kit shown.

Driver modules are installed (per the light array design) and wired together. Blank plates are installed where there will be no spot housing.

Install housings with screws provided.

Complete the light array design.

Connect adjacent housings with screws provided.

Mount wall board to ceiling outlining the light array design.

Attach plaster plates with provided screws after lowering the housings using wing nuts positioned inside the housings.

Add plaster plates to outline housing apertures. Raise housings flush with ceiling and secure with wing nuts positioned inside the housings.

Use included cardboard inserts to prevent mudding inside aperture. Skim coat around the plaster plates up to the aperture(s) for a seamless appearance.

Sand and paint ceiling.

Remove cardboard inserts.

Install spot modules and flangeless trims (if specified).


2015 Product Innovation Award Winner    
Use the Build-Your-Own Multiples Configurator as a tool to facilitate your lighting design process. Its intuitive user interface and simple step-by-step process lets you create hundreds of totally custom lighting arrays to help meet your project’s needs and achieve your design vision. Once your design is complete, the Configurator supplies a complete bill of materials including a detailed installation shop drawing, both of which can be emailed to yourself or a colleague.

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International Association of Lighting Designers ISO - International Organization for Standards Energy Star Rated